DocuCrimp. A snapshot of Crimp Quality.

The process of crimping a terminal to a wire is a time tested procedure used in the production of a wire harness. The physics behind a terminal crimp has been established for many decades.

Reliable terminal crimping is critical to electrical circuits that meet or exceed the performance expected from the electrical device that they power. It only takes one defective crimp to render a wire harness useless. And raise the risk of injury and/or damage to the device or operator using the device.

Although the physics of crimping is time tested, pre-production validation, in-process monitoring and quality documentation has evolved over the past number of years. Validation and Production Monitoring tools include Crimp Height Micrometers and a Pull Tester but have expanded to include:

  • Crimp Force Monitoring.
  • Crimp Cameras for automated cut, strip and crimp.
  • Cross Section Analysis.
  • Digital Imaging.
  • Networking Process Equipment.
  • Data Collection and Reporting.
C&S CFM-Lite

It is very important to use these tools to ensure repeatable crimping that meets the terminal supplier’s specifications. And to validate to the crimp specifications. Having a method to collect this information can provide the means to analyze and document the crimp process.

WireProcess Specialties is pleased to announce DocuCrimp. DocuCrimp is part of the suite of services provided through Crimp Quality Solutions. DocuCrimp is a single page report of a wire to terminal crimp and includes:

  • Terminal and Wire Data.
  • Top and Side View Images.
  • Cross Section Image.
  • Pull Test Results and a force chart.
  • Data including: Conductor Crimp Height and Width and Conductor Compression. Results can be compared to crimp specs from the supplier (if available).

DocuCrimp is a snapshot of the terminal crimp based on the equipment setup, materials and assembly methods at a point in time. As these elements change so can the results so we recommend reporting to be done on a regular basis, based on the volume of crimps processed.

DocuCrimp is priced on a single report basis but can be packaged in multiple packs and annual contracts.

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