The Four Pillars of a Terminal Crimp. Part Two.

Pillar Two: Visual Specifications.

In Part One of our series: The Four Pillars of a Terminal Crimp, we explored the five elements of a Terminal Crimp: Wire, Terminal, Crimp Tooling (Applicator), Crimp Press and Crimp Operator (bench press and automatic processing). We discussed the need for all elements to be in full statistical control. Any one element that is out of control can affect crimp quality.

Visual Specifications are one of two core measurement types that assure a quality crimp from a mechanical and electrical performance perspective. We will cover the second core grouping in part three.

Visual Specifications provide an assurance the wire is crimped in the right position. An improperly positioned crimp can affect electrical and mechanical properties over the expected life of the electrical assembly. The position of the wire crimped to the terminal can also provide an indication of crimp tool set up. For open barrel style terminals, here are the visual specifications:

Brush: Brush is the end of conductor that protrudes out of the conductor barrel on the contact side. Brush must be present but not in a position that interferes with the working of the contact.


Bell Mouth: Bell Mouth is formed from the crimp tools and is designed to protect the conductor strands during the crimp process. Bell Mouth is acceptable on both sides of the conductor crimp but required on the insulation side of the crimp.

Bell Mouth

Insulation Position: Insulation and wire must be present in the area between the conductor and insulation crimp barrels. Insulation must not be present inside the conductor crimp. Equal wire and insulation is preferable.

Insulation Position

Visual attributes are critical in the pre-production validation and in process inspection of a terminal crimp. These attributes are also used in the maintenance of applicator tooling.

Visual Images are part of DocuCrimp a snapshot of a terminal crimp at a point in time. DocuCrimp includes visual images, pull test force chart and Cross Section analysis.

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