Etco Insulated Quick-Connects and New Innovations

Wire Process Specialties has a deep and rich history with Etco Incorporated spanning more than 30 years.  Etco is a manufacturer of high quality terminal stampings in reel form for attachment by automatic crimp dies.  Our customers appreciate the consistency in people and company operating philosophy.  Etco is privately owned and operated with two facilities, the corporate office, R&D and Manufacturing in Bradenton Florida and an engineering and manufacturing facility in Warwick Rhode Island.

In the late 1980’s the need for a high performance insulated quick connector was established. A connector which has superior crimping and insulating characteristics and can be applied in one stroke of a crimp applicator. Etco answered that challenge and the Etco Insulated terminal series was born.

The basic concept of the Etco Insulated terminal is a plastic insulator partly embedded over an open barrel quick connect.  The terminal is loaded into the applicator, the terminal is crimped on the downstroke of the press and the insulator is assembled over the terminal on the upstroke of the press. This connector assembly is a more reliable and better quality connector than the closed barrel insulated terminal alternate.

The Etco applicator is a mini style which can be mounted into most crimp presses semi-automated using an operator to present the wire, or fully automatic on a swing arm style wire process machine like the Schaefer Megomat Uno.  The applicator uses a  mechanical feed system for simple but accurate terminal feeding.  The insulator is inserted over the crimped terminal using an air cylinder which is activated on the applicator upstroke.


The Etco Insulated terminal series includes in line female quick connects from 1/8″ to 1/4″ width.  Interlocking 1/4″ males are available to mate with the Etco female quick connects. The Etco catalogue can be found on the Etco page of


 New Product Introduction – the Etco Fully Insulated Flag Quick Connect

 A CSA and UL recognized flag quick connect has been part of the Etco product line for many years.  The back of the terminal was open due to the terminal construction but approved by the product safety standards. New UL standards are being published which include a tighter requirement to fully enclose the metal contact.

Etco has recently introduced a back to the flag terminal to make the Etco Flag series the first in the market to meet the new UL standard.


 The back of the Etco flag is assembled onto the crimped terminal by an external assembly machine.  The terminal is presented into the assembly machine and activated. The terminal back is inserted into apertures in the terminal housing.

To view the advertisement from Etco on the new terminal, click here.



Etco, another valued Global Technology Partner shows how Wire Process Specialties can fully supply your wire processing needs. Connect Your Way to Wire Process Specialties to let us help you solve your wire processing challenges.


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