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Global Technology Partners in Focus: Wezag Tools


Wezag Tools is a valuable Global Technology Partner to Wire Process Specialties. Wezag is a global leader in loose piece crimping solutions. Our customers appreciate the quality of tooling and equipment that is used in their assembly processes.

I am pleased to introduce Mike Lobkovich, Vice President for Wezag Tools in the USA.  Mike has agreed to contribute to our Focus series. Thank you for your time Mike.

WPS: Mike, can you give us an overview of the Wezag Product line.

ML:  WEZAG’s focus is the design and manufacture of ratcheting specialty tools used in 3 critical applications.   Cable cutters, which are used by the utility and industrial industries to cut stranded cable ranging from 32 – 100mm in diameter, crimp tools used by the electrical and electronic industries for termination of open and closed barrel terminals and compression tools used by the plumbing industry.

Crimp Tools are our largest and most diverse market in the areas of customer base and applications.   We offer both a scissor and straight action frame to provide our customers with high quality and repeatable performance.   Because we have standardized our frames we can offer our customers flexibility to perform many applications

One of our key benefits is that we allow the die set to be removed from the hand tool and then inserted into our portable and benchtop power solutions.

WPS: Can you outline the Wezag locations here in North America and internationally.

ML:   Since 1949, WEZAG has been headquartered in Stadtallendorf, Germany which is 60 miles northeast of Frankfurt.   Our facility provides 100,000 square feet of floor space for our manufacturing, engineering and Sales & Marketing teams. 

WEZAG is a vertically integrated manufacture.  Outside of raw material and packaging, we machine, mold, and assemble over 1,000,000 hand tools per year. 

WEZAG’s North American Headquarters is in Naperville, IL which is 35 miles west of Chicago.    WEZAG’s first North American facility opened in 1987 in Addison, IL.   Opened in March of 2011, the Naperville facility provides WEZAG with enhanced office and inventory space convenient for our employees and local customers.

WPS: The Naperville IL office is the North American office for Wezag. On top of managing the customer base domestically, do you maintain an inventory of tools and machines?

ML:    We opened the Naperville facility with the intention of supporting both the existing customer base and allow for expansion with new customers.    Manufacturing is currently centered in Germany but we offer added value capabilities here in Naperville.   We have a large inventory of both frames and dies which gives us the flexibility to assembly tools to meet the customer application. 

Our inventory philosophy is based upon the understanding that when a customer needs a tool they need it today not 8 weeks from now.

The Naperville facility allowed us implement a “Demo Room” where customers can visit to see the tooling options as well as bring in their applications for review.   

WPS: As mentioned, Wezag supplies loose piece crimping solutions. Can you describe the range of processing capability for the hand and bench based tooling platforms.

CS30 Hand Crimp Tool

CS30 Hand Crimp Tool

ML: Loose piece crimping is a challenge for any OEM and Sub-Contractor.    The Quality Department is concerned about the integrity of the crimp while manufacturing is focused on the process and potentially the consequences of the process mainly carpal tunnel syndrome   

Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic applications provide high quality and repeatable terminations through the use of specially designed applicators. The loose piece sector is not as defined so WEZAG’s goal is to provide our customers and their end users with comparable terminations.   

I feel many people under estimate the amount of engineering that goes into each crimp tool we manufacture.    If you start to map out all the different parameters in loose piece crimping you can quickly see the value of having a company like WEZAG as a partner.

Here are some of the parameters we consider when designing a crimp tool.

  • Wire Size: AWG or mm2
    • WEZAG views wire size in 3 categories
      • 30 – 20               Mostly Electronics   Carry more data than power
      • 18 – 10                  Industrial Applications    More Power than Data    
      • 8 – 4/0+ High Power and Voltage Applications 
  • Open or Closed Barrel
    • Open Barrel
      • Center conductor crimp and insulation crimp completed during the same cycle
      • Each has their own unique crimp attributes
      • Wire Stop and / or terminal locator
        • To support the repeatability of the crimp from terminal to terminal and operator to operator
      • Closed Barrel
        • Bare conductor inserted into 1 crimp barrel
        • With or without insulation sleeve
          • 10 AWG and Higher      Hand Tool Comfortable
          • 8 AWG and bigger Powered solution needed
        • Frame Style
          • Scissor Action
          • Linear or Straight Action Crimping Process
            • Provides uniform crimping force on all die pockets

A key benefit I mentioned early regarding WEZAG is the ability for the die set to “migrate” from a hand tool frame to a powered solution.    This further increases the repeatability and safety of the crimping process.   We cover the full range of applications listed above and can support your requirements from 1 tool to 100 tools.  

WEZAG’s powered solutions range from portable to benchtop.     Portable in the sense that the application requires you to bring the crimp tool to the work and benchtop in the sense that you bring the work to the crimp tool.   Machine set-up from terminal to terminal is as easy as changing the die set.   Powered solutions can be segmented the following way.

UP60 Pneumatic Crimp Press.

UP60 Pneumatic Crimp Press.

Force Generation

  • Rechargeable Battery Hydraulic Pump
    • Portable Solutions
  • Benchtop Solutions
    • Pneumatic
    • Electric
    • Hydraulic

Crimp Force

  • 5 Tons (Electric and Pneumatic)
  • Most hand tools generate about 2 Tons of crimp force. Customers can use these machines in a “High Mix, Low Volume” crimp application where only a die set is needed between applications or a “Low Mix, Medium Volume” crimp application where they want to ensure the repeatability of the crimp process and protect their labor force from the risks of repetitive motion injuries
  • 4 – 5 Tons (Pneumatic)
  • Larger terminals down to 6 AWG
  • “High Volume – Low Mix”
    • Dedicated machine set up for each terminal
  • 5 Tons (Pneumatic)
    • 8 – 4/0 AWG
    • Terminal construction can define largest AWG
    • Battery and High Voltage Applications
    • Flexibility provided by adapters for industry standard die sets
  • 13 – 19 Tons (Hydraulic)
    • Very large terminals used in power generation

WPS: WPS provides customers with the support they need and resources required to successfully operate their business.  How does support like what WPS offers its customers fit into the overall business approach of Wezag?

We identify ourselves as an engineering and manufacturing company with the goal to be the preferred supplier of loose piece crimp solutions.   Because of this philosophy we are seen more as a partner than a supplier.   Our process is to understand your production challenge and then provide solutions for you to consider.   We are also involved in the implementation process to ensure that the operators are happy with the tools.   We look to be a long- time partner for each customer

WPS: Any new products that have been introduced recently that you can share with us?

ML: Being an engineering focused company we are constantly looking towards innovation.  From manufacturing practices to alloy composition we constantly strive to enhance our products.    Some areas always under consideration are the following.

  • Ergonomics
    • Weight, Balance, Hand Force
    • LED Lighting in critical crimp areas
  • Production / Quality Management
    • Cycle Counter
    • Crimp Force Monitoring
    • Bluetooth Connectivity for quality control

A new technology that we are excited about and involved in is the development of material for 3-D Metal Printing.    Most people are familiar with 3-D Plastic printing.   Similar concept but with the result being production quality pieces such as die sets.   This will allow us to provide custom die sets within 48 hour period.

A new solution we are excited about is our CS10-APP hand tool frame.   We worked in conjunction with Delphi to develop a hand tool frame which will accept the perishable tooling (Punch & Anvil) from the applicator.   The challenge in the automotive wire harness industry is to provide production level crimps in the Post-Production environment.     Delphi recognized they had a gap in their loose piece hand tool portfolio and worked with WEZAG to bring a solution to their customers. 

Mike, thank you for your time to answer these questions and provide a peak into the operations of Wezag Tools. For more information on Wezag Tools and how WPS can help with your crimping requirements, Connect Your Way to WPS.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: Carpenter Mfg.

Carpenter Manufacturing has been part of out Global Technology to group for over 15 years. We are proud to be associated with Carpenter and our combined efforts have provided a great number and companies with cost effective processing solutions that have reduced their costs and improved their productivity.

I am pleased to introduce Justin Strong. Justin is the Director of Sales for Carpenter. Justin is a recent member of the Carpenter team, but has made his presence felt with our customers. They appreciate his hard work and value his support. Part of the reason we have produced this Focus series is to get to know the people who customers speak to and interact with. Thank you for spending some time with us today Justin.

WPS: Like WPS, Carpenter is a multi-generation business. Can you provide a brief history of Carpenter Mfg.

JS: Carpenter is a third generation family owned and operated company. It started out of a garage and in the 1960’s moved in to our current factory in Manlius NY. Carpenter has been a leader in the wire processing industry for over 60 years!

WPS: Carpenter is in the Syracuse NY area. Can you describe where the equipment is produced and some of the in-house capabilities of Carpenter.

JS: We manufacture all units in house. Everything from the castings, machining, and assembly of all units. We engineer and do all research and development in the facility. We also make our TwinCone fiberglass wheels here which are a stable of Carpenter

WPS: Describe the range of processing solutions available from Carpenter.


JS: Our products include measure, cut, and strip machines, automatic processors, prefeeders, dereelers, coiling machines, tubing cutters, flat cable, coaxial cable, and mutli-conductor processing machinery

WPS: Carpenter works with a team of local representatives and distributors like WPS. Can you describe how the local support this team provides can help our customers.

JS: We have a great team of knowledgeable and dependable representatives. If they are unavailable you are also able to talk to the team we have here at the factory.  We are able to troubleshoot many applications over the phone but also have staff to make appointments and come in when needed

WPS: Can you describe factory support services to our customers.

JS: We can speak on the phone or through email to help with any sort of trouble shooting. We also have information we can send out as well as replacement parts. Our team has many years of experience in this industry and try to help assist in any way possible

WPS: Any new developments you can share with us today?

JS: Carpenter is always looking for new ways to improve our process and find more solutions to our customers. We have many projects going on. The closest one we have to debuting is our new Coiling Units. In the next month or so Carpenter will be unveiling a single bowl coiling unit capable of coiling long wires. This will be a great feature for companies that are hand coiling wire after it is measured and cut. This will save much labor and help to fully automate our systems.

Thank you again for your time today Justin. WPS appreciates the value that Carpenter brings to our Global Technology Partners group. We look forward to many years of providing efficiency saving and cost reducing solutions to our customers.

For more information on Carpenter processing solutions, Connect Your Way to WPS.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: Crimping and Stamping Technologies


There are watershed moments in a company’s history, times when a single decision can change the course of a business. Such is the case with WPS in the early 90’s. When we were looking to enhance our product offering with new product lines and technology, a brochure about crimp monitors arrived in the mail. The decision to inquire about this technology led to the start of a business relationship that exists to today. And which also led to two other significant connections in Schaefer Megomat and Stapla Ultrasonics.

I am pleased to introduce Chris LaRue. Chris is the President of Crimping and Stamping Technologies and one of the hardest working people in the wire processing industry.

WPS: Thank you for taking a few moments to speak to us today Chris. You have spent your career in crimp technology. Tell us a little about your background.

CL: I am a mechanical engineer by degree and started my career at Amp Connectors (Harrisburg PA) in 1984. I was a die engineer in Amp’s high speed stamping facility. I was the first engineer to be hired in the die engineering rotational program. This was a two-year training program with assignments in stamping, injection molding, plating and assembly.

After seven years at Amp, I had an opportunity to join a small start up company supplying stamping monitoring systems.

After a few years, I made the move to form C&S Technologies. 

WPS: Can you provide a rundown of the product offering through C&S.

CL: C&S supplies solutions for validating and process monitoring for wire harness manufacturing.

WPS: Where are your facilities located.

CL: Our facilities are in Pittsburgh PA, Chihuahua Mexico, Juarez Mexico and Queretaro Mexico. Internationally we partner with True Soltec in Tokyo Japan. Also CTEC in Munich Germany. 

WPS: Automotive assembly has driven advances in crimp quality technology. Although there are several advances in monitoring and validating the crimping process, can you highlight a few significant technology advances

CL: Crimp Cross Sectioning has been a crimp development tool for several years. But it has been limited to a lab environment. Now because of cost reduction, simplicity and speed these systems have found their way to the production floor as an additional set up validation and process monitoring tool.


With our pioneering efforts in the early 90’s, Crimp Force Monitors have become a core technology which is now widely used in wire processing. Required by Automotive and White Goods manufacturers.

Advances in electronics, software and wireless technology have made networking of production equipment in-expensive. And very powerful. Now you can retrieve real time data from any process, including crimping machines, ultrasonic welders, rotary assembly boards. To monitor and report machine up and down time, defects, production quantity to name few.

WPS: Do you see other industries following the Automotive lead and adopting new crimp quality technology

CL: White Goods is one industry that has seen significant improvement in the quality of their wiring systems due to them embracing new processing, harness designs and monitoring systems.

WPS: What do you see as an emerging technology in crimp technology.

CL: Crimp Cameras are now being mounted on automatic processing machines. What was not feasible ten years ago is now possible with the advanced electronics, software and camera technology. In the case of wire processing, high speed machines require ultra fast feedback to address defects such as high insulation, brush errors and deformed insulation crimp wings. We are on the cutting edge of this camera technology.


Thank you for your time today Chris. WPS values the association we have built up over the past two decades and anticipate helping our customers adopt new and emerging technology in wire. Thank you for your support.



Global Technology Partners in Focus: Schaefer Megomat


Schaefer Megomat has been part of the WireProcess Global Technology Partners Group for over 20 years. We have had a long and successful partnership in supplying wire processing solutions to our valued customers. And our customers have benefited by reducing their processing costs and improving their production efficiency in wire processing assembly.

We have seen a revolution in wire processing over the past 20 years or so.  From pneumatic processing machines requiring time consuming set up to servo based systems incorporating advanced micro-processors and motion control. Set up time has been drastically reduced with the introduction of these advanced system technologies.

I am pleased to introduce Todd Miller of Schaefer Megomat. Todd is the Assistant General Manager of Schaefer Megomat and oversees the automation assembly operations out of Pewaukee Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee.

WPS: Todd, thank you for speaking to us and to our WireProcess Global Community. How long have you served at Schaefer Megomat.

TM:  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk with you today.  I started my career here with Schaefer Megomat (or just Megomat at that time) back in 1997.  I have been lucky enough to hold many different titles and positions through the course of my employment, with the most recent being the AGM since 2014.  Growing up in this company has given me a unique perspective of what it takes to bring our customers a quality product from all sides of the business.   

WPS: Schaefer Megomat is part of the Schaefer Group. Can you expand on the company’s operations and global product offering.

TM:  The Schaefer Group purchased Megomat USA back in 2005.  We feel this partnership gave us an instant global presence and added to the stability and variety of products and services that we are able to offer to our customers.  With the acquisition, the Schaefer group can offer our customers everything from small hand held wire stripping devices, all the way up to multi-function, autonomous special machines designed specifically for a customer’s applications and needs.  Some of the other products that Schaefer now offers include applicators, stripping and crimping modules, hot stamp marking, tinning, crimp quality monitoring systems, twisting, seal application units, injection molding, and even testing and laboratory equipment.  Chances are if you are in the wire industry and have a need, we can help you!  

WPS: As mentioned in the introduction, Schaefer Megomat is based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Can you describe the operation and activities at this location?

TM:  Schaefer Megomat was started in 1990 to be a direct sales and service company for all the Megomat products.  Over the years, as we gained market share, we faced the need to expand our operations and facilities.  In 1995 we built a 30,000 square foot facility on 4 acres of land in Pewaukee, WI which has served as our North American base of operations ever since.  We have added mechanical and electrical engineering ability over the years, so we are able to design, build, service and support all of our equipment from this location.  We currently have 26 active assembly bays in-house, with the ability to add more as demand would dictate.  Our facility also offers the space to hold thousands of parts, in stock, to assure our customers’ needs are always met.  In addition, we have a sales and service location in El Paso, Texas as well to serve our customers in the south and Mexico.

WPS: How does Schaefer Megomat service their customer base domestically (in the United States) as well as Internationally (North America and beyond).

TM:  Schaefer Megomat prides itself on our ability to service our customers and we rely on the small business customer service mantra that our customers have come to expect over the years.  Even though we have grown with the Schaefer acquisition, we have never gotten too big to provide our customers with the personal level of service that they require and expect.   We have many well trained service technicians based out of Wisconsin, El Paso, and around the world that insure the equipment we sell stays on-line and in production.  Locations in Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Romania and Asia, to name a few, help to assure we can service what we sell, no matter where it is located.

WPS: What machine platforms are assembled at the Pewaukee facility?

TM:  Our Pewaukee facility is currently home to the assembly of our fully automatic wire processing equipment line.  We are now building the next generation of fully automatics using our recently updated WireStar20 software and electronics package.  Our base model M500, newly updated 4-station M600, and flexible, 6-station capable M800 machine are all currently built in this facility.  We have also recently started the production of select applicators in our Pewaukee facility as well to insure our customers can have a one-stop shop type experience for all of their wire applications. 

Megomat 2000

WPS: How does the corporate Schaefer organization support the Schaefer Megomat operations?

TM:  The Schaefer Group provides us with a global presence, technical and engineering resources, as well as adding additional expertise and real-world experience in many different areas of the industry.  Thank you for talking with me Terry.  Schaefer Megomat values the relationship we have built over the years with Wire Process Specialties.

Thank you Todd for your time today. For more information on Schaefer Megomat, please visit the Global Technology Page of www.WireProcess.com or www.Schaefer.biz.


Global Technology Partners in Focus: Lakes Precision


We continue our Focus series with an interaction with long time partner Lakes Precision. Lakes has a long and proud history of serving the Global Wire Processing Industry with high quality replacement tooling for wire cutting and stripping machines as well as terminal applicators. I am pleased to present Rich Javenkoski VP of Sales for Lakes Precision.

WPS: Thank you for spending some time with us Rich. Give us a little background on the history of Lakes, how long Lakes has been serving their customers and where the headquarters is located.

RJ: Lakes Precision Inc as we know it today started in 1991. Using technology that allowed high production, high precision manufacturing we are able to meet the requirements of our customers. Not only in quality, but cost, and the high volume demands of global harness manufacturers. Lakes Precision has a sales and service office in El Paso TX for Mexico, Central America, and parts of South America. Our global network provides localized representation with the ability to stock inventory and needed technical assistance. With an ever changing global environment, our staff is dedicated to insuring we provide the highest quantity tooling to any global location.

WPS: Lakes has been associated with a number of OEM machine manufacturers over the years. Has this helped in the development of the Lakes blades?

RJ: Yes It helps in the sense that we understand the dimensional specifications needed for any OEM blade. We then can take that knowledge and transfer it in our manufacturing processes. Further this helps when developing custom products or unique blades not offered by the OEM’s. In some instances the OEM’s come to us for assistance in blade development.

WPS: And Lakes blades should be expected to perform as good as the OEM versions?

RJ: Our standard for blade life or cycles is to meet or exceed OEM standards. With our proprietary PVD coatings we have exceptional results in blade endurance.Lakes Blade

WPS: Do Lakes expand their library of blades as new machines are introduced?

RJ: Lakes Precision is constantly updating our catalogs of blades and accessories. The customer is the driving force in variations of existing blades and new OEM blades being placed in the market.

WPS: From our experience, OEM blade cutting surfaces are typically not covered with any additional coatings which can improve blade life. What blade coatings do Lakes offer to improve blade life even further.

RJ: As mentioned our in house PVD coating department is constantly looking at enhancing blade life. Any blade can be coated and typically titanium nitrite is the standard coating. We take it a step further with blends of various PVD targets and match those coatings to a particular blade application. I believe that we are unique to the industry with coating applications.

WPS: Do you see any trends in the type of blade used in production today. V blades are well known for uniform stripping across a wide range of wire gauges. But are they typically used or do companies opt to use radius style blades for a single wire size that provides stripping around the full circumference of the insulation?

RJ: Our blade development is driven by the wire industry. PVC coated, easy applications, your standard V style blade is by far the most popular. Thinner, smaller, lighter wire require tru-radius style blades. When customers are do high volume runs they prefer the flexibility of the V style blades. Of course we provide any style blade for any size wire.

Lakes TA-V


WPS: Lakes introduced crimp tools as another product offering. Can you describe this program?

RJ: Our crimp tool program is developing each and every day. Our engineering staff work directly with the customer to insure the correct applications. Again we have created PVD coatings that have shown enhanced tooling life while adding minimal coat to the tool.

Thank you for your time today Rich. WireProcess Specialties values our long association with Lakes in providing our customers with high quality replacement tooling for their processing machines.

Click the following links for more information on Lakes Precision, our Global Technology Partners Group , our growing Resources for Wire Processing, or our Services like Crimp Cross Sectioning. We would be happy to Connect with You.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: Appltek Technologies.

logo png

Continuing with our Global Technology Partners in Focus series, I am pleased to introduce Applitek Technologies Inc.   Applitek supply crimping solutions for strip form terminals mounted to reels.  At WPS we believe in longevity in business relationships.  There are no short cuts in establishing long trusted relationships.  Our partner associations span over three decades in some cases.  Applitek has been a trusted partner of WPS for over 15 years.  Our connection to the owners of Applitek go back further than that.  I am pleased to present the founding President of Applitek Tecnologies, Bruce Getchell.

WPS: Thank you for spending some time with us today Bruce.  To get started, how long has it been since you founded Applitek Technologies?

BG: Applitek was founded 27 years ago

WPS: Describe the business conditions when you started Applitek?

BG:  Every terminal company had their own format for applicators and presses.  We saw a need to offer a standardized format so companies could use common presses.  As an independent manufacturer we would tool our applicators for any brand of terminals.

WPS: Can you compare the business conditions back then with what we see today?

BG:  Companies back when we started had very limited choices when purchasing applicators.  Today they have numerous choices’ due to the accepted mini die format.


WPS: Do you have customers who have been with you for a long time?

BG:  We still have customers with us from the start of the company.

WPS: Do they value your longevity in this business?

BG:  I believe they do.  Many long term relationships and friends have developed from the start of Applitek.  Having been involved in the terminal manufacturing business 15 years prior to the start of Applitek many of those relationships have continued with us.  Some of our customers I have known for over 35 years.

WPS: As a third party applicator supplier, do you meet the OEM specifications for crimp tool design and crimp height specs?

BG:  Yes we do.

WPS: Can you supply a complete solution including crimping presses?

BG:  Applitek supplies a number of presses in tonnage capacity and price range to complement our applicator supply.  This also includes stripper-crimper modules.


On behalf of WireProcess Specialties and our customers, thank you for your long term service to the Wire Processing industry. For your vision and pioneering spirit when applicator supply was considerably different from what it is today. We value our business partnership and look forward to many years of service to our valued customers.

BG: We would like to offer our Thanks and appreciation to all our customer that have made our Company successful over the years. Please visit our website to see more.

WPS is proud to be associated with companies like Applitek, true partners in helping our customers improve their production efficiency and reduce their processing costs. Connect Your Way to WPS to start see how we can support your organization.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: Judco Mfg.


The third installment of our Global Technology Partners series features Judco Manufacturing. Judco has been a valued partner with WPS for over 15 years. Kevin Johnson, Sales Manager for Judco has joined us today to provide some information on Judco and how some of the products they produce can be valuable to our customers in looking for ways to improve production efficiency.

WPS: Kevin, tell us the scope of products available from Judco.

KJ:  Judco specializes in push button switches, rocker switches, slide switches, toggle switches, wiring harnesses and custom designed products that can be manufactured to your detailed specifications.

WPS: Your tenure at Judco has been long and successful, tell us how long you have been with Judco.

KJ:  I have been a part of the Judco team for over thirty years and I focus on excellent customer service.

WPS: One of the attributes of an innovative company is its ability to create products that have useful applications for a large group of companies.  Such is the case of the Focus Lite series. Kevin, can you give us an overview of the Focus Lite, how it came into being and led to the introduction of the Focus Lite for our global customer base.

KJ:  A heat gun proved to be both time consuming and a waste of energy while processing 28 inch harnesses.    Our engineering staff invented the Focus Lite, heat shrink processing machine, capable of providing a uniform shrink in considerably less time and a much safer work environment.  Judco’s bench top or hand held heat shrink processing machine can cut your labor costs and cycle time by as much as 80%.   The average Focus-Lite shrink time for polyolefin tubing is 2.2 seconds versus 20-40 seconds with a heat gun.

6 FL Machines with titles

WPS: But the innovation doesn’t stop there.  Judco has recently introduced two new products, a 3D printer and fume extractor. Can you describe these products in more detail?

KJ:  Our 2X Double 3D Printer has several unique features.  We use an open source so no specialized software needed.  Our machine is a fully assembled product.  Our competitors ship in kit form, which requires assembly.

The resolution (thickness of 2D layer) of 0.10mm provides nice rounded shapes and surfaces.  We chose PLA material, which is environmentally friendly and can be purchased anywhere.

We utilize a threaded screw which allows for better control of head up and down movement.  A steel axis control is far more reliable than our competitors’ machines that use rubber belts which wear out and slip.

The printer is controlled by a motherboard with Arduino microprocessor and many 3D Solid models are available.


The FE150 Fume Extractor, with 1900 CFM capabilities, provides a safe and healthy workplace by capturing air contaminants directly at the source and safely removing them before clean air is released into the room.  There are two filter options.  A two stage polyester high efficiency cartridge designed to handle smoke, dust and mist and a H.E.P.A filter for absolute filtration.  The system provides the versatility to solve most contaminant problems.  The high CFM fan motor is completely adjustable for sound and CFM.  The fully articulating extractor is flexible and can easily adapt to each type of assembly operation.  Multiple nozzle attachments are available for specific solder and fume conditions.


WPS: Was the design to production path similar in these two cases to the Focus Lite?

KJ:  Both products came about as the need for more efficient production methods evolved.  Judco pursued a better option and decided to offer the improvements to everyone.

WPS: WireProcess Specialties provides solutions to a rapidly growing global customer base. As a representative to Judco, our goal is to extend your expertise and customer service to our customers and provide our application specific experiences. This is to show how Judco and WPS combined can best serve our customers. Can you describe how partnerships with companies like WPS can be valuable to Judco.

KJ:  Our partnership with WPS has allowed us to reach customers in areas around the world.  Excellent products offered by knowledgeable and trained experts are the key to success.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without companies like WireProcess Specialties.

Kevin, thank you for your time today. Judco continues to be a valuable partner to WPS and we look forward to many years of service to our customers. For more information on Judco, including the Focus Lite,3D printer and fume extractor, please visit our website by clicking here. Our Connect Your Way to WPS for a one on one discussion on your applications.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: Control Laser Corp.

CLC_logo2This month we feature our newest Global Technology Partner: Control Laser Corp. (CLC).  Control Laser has a long history of supplying laser processing systems for a large range of industries. Our initial partnership with CLC focused on stripping of wire but has expanded to include a wider range of processing solutions. The majority of these solutions are outside of our traditional wire processing market. This does provide an opportunity to impact an expanded customer base with processing solutions that meet the two criteria we look for to assist our customers: efficiency improving and cost saving systems.

WireProcess is pleased to introduce Warren (Pat) Ryan, corporate sales manager for CLC.

WPS: CLC has recently celebrated a milestone in it’s history which (not coincidentally) coincides with another milestone. Can you describe this milestone.

PR: Sure- The Laser Industry is celebrating 50 years in lasers and so are we.  Control Laser was formed and incorporated in 1965. In every department of Control Laser, we have someone that has been with us for 25 or 30 years. Our applications manager has been our applications manager for 39 years now.  To our customers this is a huge benefit. No matter which department they need from us, field service, software, applications or sales we have the experience and know how to provide the solution they are looking for. As an added benefit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CLC we have dropped our pricing to celebrate with our customers and prospects.

CLC Anodized-Aluminum-Laser-Ablation

WPS: How are these two events related?

PR:  Although there is some controversy, Dr. Theodore Maiman is credited with creating the first working laser in 1960. That first laser evolved and in 1965 the laser industry began. Control Laser was the first company to use the laser to mark a product. Dr. Maiman sat on the board of CLC for a number of years. During this time CLC was the first company to use a computer to control the laser. Since that time period CLC has continued to be an innovator in the industry. Today we are one of the leaders in automation and standard products. 2015 saw the introduction of the new 24 to 48-hour warranty program as well as the introduction of the new “Tactical Arms mark” series. We continue to make improvements in our FA semiconductor line and wire stripping as well.

WPS: Where is CLC based.

PR:  CLC based in Orlando Florida, as the laser first laser originated here. Control Laser has all of its departments in house.  From field service, mechanical engineering, software and electrical engineering we are able to provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs in house. In each department we have someone that has been with CLC for 20 and 30 years.

WPS: Can you describe the type of solutions CLC provides to it’s global customer base.

PR: Wow, this one is a little tough as there are many varied types of customers that we serve. Our FA systems offer solutions to those in the semiconductor industry. We provide failure analysis, and counterfeit protection. In the aeronautical and space industries we provide solutions for wire stripping since this industry can have no nicks in their wires. We service heavy industrial companies that need their logo or part numbers for tracking and marketing. We have created special machines for the firearms industry. Due to new rules and regulations in the medical industry we will be introducing a new line of systems that is geared specifically for the medical industry to meet the new requirements. Control Laser is one of the few companies that can provide custom and automation solutions for our customers.

WPS: CLC introduced a new feature in all machine models, an industry first. This new feature is called the Production First Warranty. Can you describe it.

PR:  Well what we identified and heard from our customers was that even if we did everything correctly the customer could still be down for an extended time period. Sometimes they were down for 2 or 3 weeks. After taking a close look at this we needed to come up with something better for our customers. We looked at the industry and it was the same for our competitors as well.  We considered what if we could ship whole assemblies instead of trying to find the one part that was bad. So that’s what we do now. When you first call CLC and talk with field service and we indentify where the bad part is located we will ship the entire assembly within 24 to 48 hours to get production up and running. Then we can fix the problem without the delays associated with traditional warranty work. This allows us to be much more responsive. The response to this new warranty has been tremendous and is just one more way in which CLC continues to innovate.

WPS: CLC has been forefront in laser technology which has been widely adopted and in use today. Can you describe the one feature that is used in the automotive industry pioneered by CLC.

PR: Years ago, one of the big three automakers came to us looking for a solution to make the radios and air control features easier to see and use. Our present applications manager Jack Williams (we feel one of the premier application experts in the world) developed a process where paint would be added to the panels and then removed to show color when the lights are turned on. This was the first of the back lit buttons that you now find in every car. Jack has been responsible for many innovations that are now common place. From the face in a crystal you see in the mall to proprietary processes used for annealing of medical parts to protect the part from post processing required in the medical industry.


WPS: CLC has an experienced team of sales representatives (including WPS) to serve customers at the local level.  Can you describe how local sales representation fits into the company’s strategy of providing optimum customer service.

PR:  This is a result of listening to our customers. Over 50 years we have tried several methods from only in-house sales to a mixture of sales representatives and in-house. This caused confusion for our customers and at Control Laser we want the best representation of our products that we can get. We made the determination 2 years ago that we would only use outside representative who are closer to our customers and better suited to building the relationships that are so important.  So many of our competitors only offer standard products. At Control Laser we are a solution driven company and this strategy is working very well for us and most importantly our customers.

Pat, thank you for your time today. For more information on how WPS and CLC can supply your laser processing requirements, please contact us.

Global Technology Partners in Focus: ETCO Inc.



ETCO Incorporated has been a Global Technology Partner with WPS for almost four decades. Both companies share something in common, they are both multi generation companies, ETCO in its third and WPS in its second. We have had a long and successful relationship between businesses but it also extends to personal connections built up over the years.  It is only right that we begin our interview series with the relationship that started it all.

I am pleased to introduce John Stiness. John is the Vice President of Sales for ETCO. WPS has asked John to provide an overview of ETCO to our readership.

Terry Curtis and John Stiness (ETCO). Primo XLT with ETCO Closed Back Flag.

Terry Curtis (WPS) and John Stiness (ETCO). 

WPS: John, tell us a little about yourself and your years of service to ETCO.

JS: I started with ETCO 28 years ago as their Inside Sales Manager for the Engineered Products division in Warwick, RI.  In 1994 I was named Vice President of Sales.  Eight years ago I moved to Bradenton, Florida and took over responsibility for all ETCO sales. I been married for 32 years and recently became a grandfather for the first time.

WPS: Describe the scope of products that ETCO supplies.

JS: ETCO provides a wide variety of stamped metal and rubber products typically used in crimping and connecting to wires. These products are often valued added in manufacturing process with insulators, clips, laser welds and other cost saving features.  ETCO also produces and services wire termination equipment.


WPS: ETCO has multiple campuses to serve its international customers. Can you describe these locations.

JS: ETCO has an international presence with distributors in the UK, Poland, Russia, China and Mexico. This reduces our lead times and lowers transportation costs for our customers.

WPS: Can you outline a specialty of ETCO that defines ETCO

JS: If I had to narrow down the one specific area of specialization that ETCO offers, it would be the in-house capability to produce custom metal stampings and then integrated these seamlessly with our customers manufacturing process by providing unique application equipment.


WPS: Do you think this helps ETCO In other areas of service to its customers.

JS: This comprehensive, one stop approach allows our customers streamlining of design, manufacturing and automation.

WPS: Today’s business environment requires stringent quality systems to assure customers receive the right part and on time. Can you describe the ETCO culture of quality?

JS: ETCO’s quality is driven by the commitment of the owner to the four absolutes of Quality: Conformance to requirements, prevention, zero defects and measurements.

 WPS: You have been part of the ETCO team for 28 years. That is a significant amount of time with this organization. Is this level of tenure with ETCO unique or is it also part of the company culture?

JS: My long tenure is nothing unique for ETCO. It’s a great place to work

WPS: Customer support from the factory side is very important to ensuring good flow of product and two way communication. ETCO has a group of experienced sales representatives supplying local support to its customers. John tell us how a local connection to the ETCO customer base is important to the overall company goal of serving its customers.

JS: Our manufacturers Reps have an intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs and expectations. ETCO leverages this experience to provide our customers with cradle to grave support.

WPS: Finally, companies who stand still tend to get trampled by those running past them. How is ETCO looking towards the future in product development and research?

JS: ETCO has a dedicated team in Research and Development looking into new products and processes. With innovations in design and manufacturing our customers are assured of having the cutting edge technology and cost saving improvements.


John, WPS greatly values the relationship we have built up for close to four decades. We are grateful to be part of the ETCO team in serving our customers. Thank you for your time today.

For more information on ETCO Incorporated, please visit www.etco.com. Connect Your Way to WireProcess Specialties for the solutions provider you need to power your wire assembly processes.