Global Technology Partners in Focus: Judco Mfg.


The third installment of our Global Technology Partners series features Judco Manufacturing. Judco has been a valued partner with WPS for over 15 years. Kevin Johnson, Sales Manager for Judco has joined us today to provide some information on Judco and how some of the products they produce can be valuable to our customers in looking for ways to improve production efficiency.

WPS: Kevin, tell us the scope of products available from Judco.

KJ:  Judco specializes in push button switches, rocker switches, slide switches, toggle switches, wiring harnesses and custom designed products that can be manufactured to your detailed specifications.

WPS: Your tenure at Judco has been long and successful, tell us how long you have been with Judco.

KJ:  I have been a part of the Judco team for over thirty years and I focus on excellent customer service.

WPS: One of the attributes of an innovative company is its ability to create products that have useful applications for a large group of companies.  Such is the case of the Focus Lite series. Kevin, can you give us an overview of the Focus Lite, how it came into being and led to the introduction of the Focus Lite for our global customer base.

KJ:  A heat gun proved to be both time consuming and a waste of energy while processing 28 inch harnesses.    Our engineering staff invented the Focus Lite, heat shrink processing machine, capable of providing a uniform shrink in considerably less time and a much safer work environment.  Judco’s bench top or hand held heat shrink processing machine can cut your labor costs and cycle time by as much as 80%.   The average Focus-Lite shrink time for polyolefin tubing is 2.2 seconds versus 20-40 seconds with a heat gun.

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WPS: But the innovation doesn’t stop there.  Judco has recently introduced two new products, a 3D printer and fume extractor. Can you describe these products in more detail?

KJ:  Our 2X Double 3D Printer has several unique features.  We use an open source so no specialized software needed.  Our machine is a fully assembled product.  Our competitors ship in kit form, which requires assembly.

The resolution (thickness of 2D layer) of 0.10mm provides nice rounded shapes and surfaces.  We chose PLA material, which is environmentally friendly and can be purchased anywhere.

We utilize a threaded screw which allows for better control of head up and down movement.  A steel axis control is far more reliable than our competitors’ machines that use rubber belts which wear out and slip.

The printer is controlled by a motherboard with Arduino microprocessor and many 3D Solid models are available.


The FE150 Fume Extractor, with 1900 CFM capabilities, provides a safe and healthy workplace by capturing air contaminants directly at the source and safely removing them before clean air is released into the room.  There are two filter options.  A two stage polyester high efficiency cartridge designed to handle smoke, dust and mist and a H.E.P.A filter for absolute filtration.  The system provides the versatility to solve most contaminant problems.  The high CFM fan motor is completely adjustable for sound and CFM.  The fully articulating extractor is flexible and can easily adapt to each type of assembly operation.  Multiple nozzle attachments are available for specific solder and fume conditions.


WPS: Was the design to production path similar in these two cases to the Focus Lite?

KJ:  Both products came about as the need for more efficient production methods evolved.  Judco pursued a better option and decided to offer the improvements to everyone.

WPS: WireProcess Specialties provides solutions to a rapidly growing global customer base. As a representative to Judco, our goal is to extend your expertise and customer service to our customers and provide our application specific experiences. This is to show how Judco and WPS combined can best serve our customers. Can you describe how partnerships with companies like WPS can be valuable to Judco.

KJ:  Our partnership with WPS has allowed us to reach customers in areas around the world.  Excellent products offered by knowledgeable and trained experts are the key to success.  We wouldn’t be where we are today without companies like WireProcess Specialties.

Kevin, thank you for your time today. Judco continues to be a valuable partner to WPS and we look forward to many years of service to our customers. For more information on Judco, including the Focus Lite,3D printer and fume extractor, please visit our website by clicking here. Our Connect Your Way to WPS for a one on one discussion on your applications.

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