Global Technology Partners in Focus: Control Laser Corp.

CLC_logo2This month we feature our newest Global Technology Partner: Control Laser Corp. (CLC).  Control Laser has a long history of supplying laser processing systems for a large range of industries. Our initial partnership with CLC focused on stripping of wire but has expanded to include a wider range of processing solutions. The majority of these solutions are outside of our traditional wire processing market. This does provide an opportunity to impact an expanded customer base with processing solutions that meet the two criteria we look for to assist our customers: efficiency improving and cost saving systems.

WireProcess is pleased to introduce Warren (Pat) Ryan, corporate sales manager for CLC.

WPS: CLC has recently celebrated a milestone in it’s history which (not coincidentally) coincides with another milestone. Can you describe this milestone.

PR: Sure- The Laser Industry is celebrating 50 years in lasers and so are we.  Control Laser was formed and incorporated in 1965. In every department of Control Laser, we have someone that has been with us for 25 or 30 years. Our applications manager has been our applications manager for 39 years now.  To our customers this is a huge benefit. No matter which department they need from us, field service, software, applications or sales we have the experience and know how to provide the solution they are looking for. As an added benefit to celebrate the 50th anniversary of CLC we have dropped our pricing to celebrate with our customers and prospects.

CLC Anodized-Aluminum-Laser-Ablation

WPS: How are these two events related?

PR:  Although there is some controversy, Dr. Theodore Maiman is credited with creating the first working laser in 1960. That first laser evolved and in 1965 the laser industry began. Control Laser was the first company to use the laser to mark a product. Dr. Maiman sat on the board of CLC for a number of years. During this time CLC was the first company to use a computer to control the laser. Since that time period CLC has continued to be an innovator in the industry. Today we are one of the leaders in automation and standard products. 2015 saw the introduction of the new 24 to 48-hour warranty program as well as the introduction of the new “Tactical Arms mark” series. We continue to make improvements in our FA semiconductor line and wire stripping as well.

WPS: Where is CLC based.

PR:  CLC based in Orlando Florida, as the laser first laser originated here. Control Laser has all of its departments in house.  From field service, mechanical engineering, software and electrical engineering we are able to provide solutions to meet our customer’s needs in house. In each department we have someone that has been with CLC for 20 and 30 years.

WPS: Can you describe the type of solutions CLC provides to it’s global customer base.

PR: Wow, this one is a little tough as there are many varied types of customers that we serve. Our FA systems offer solutions to those in the semiconductor industry. We provide failure analysis, and counterfeit protection. In the aeronautical and space industries we provide solutions for wire stripping since this industry can have no nicks in their wires. We service heavy industrial companies that need their logo or part numbers for tracking and marketing. We have created special machines for the firearms industry. Due to new rules and regulations in the medical industry we will be introducing a new line of systems that is geared specifically for the medical industry to meet the new requirements. Control Laser is one of the few companies that can provide custom and automation solutions for our customers.

WPS: CLC introduced a new feature in all machine models, an industry first. This new feature is called the Production First Warranty. Can you describe it.

PR:  Well what we identified and heard from our customers was that even if we did everything correctly the customer could still be down for an extended time period. Sometimes they were down for 2 or 3 weeks. After taking a close look at this we needed to come up with something better for our customers. We looked at the industry and it was the same for our competitors as well.  We considered what if we could ship whole assemblies instead of trying to find the one part that was bad. So that’s what we do now. When you first call CLC and talk with field service and we indentify where the bad part is located we will ship the entire assembly within 24 to 48 hours to get production up and running. Then we can fix the problem without the delays associated with traditional warranty work. This allows us to be much more responsive. The response to this new warranty has been tremendous and is just one more way in which CLC continues to innovate.

WPS: CLC has been forefront in laser technology which has been widely adopted and in use today. Can you describe the one feature that is used in the automotive industry pioneered by CLC.

PR: Years ago, one of the big three automakers came to us looking for a solution to make the radios and air control features easier to see and use. Our present applications manager Jack Williams (we feel one of the premier application experts in the world) developed a process where paint would be added to the panels and then removed to show color when the lights are turned on. This was the first of the back lit buttons that you now find in every car. Jack has been responsible for many innovations that are now common place. From the face in a crystal you see in the mall to proprietary processes used for annealing of medical parts to protect the part from post processing required in the medical industry.


WPS: CLC has an experienced team of sales representatives (including WPS) to serve customers at the local level.  Can you describe how local sales representation fits into the company’s strategy of providing optimum customer service.

PR:  This is a result of listening to our customers. Over 50 years we have tried several methods from only in-house sales to a mixture of sales representatives and in-house. This caused confusion for our customers and at Control Laser we want the best representation of our products that we can get. We made the determination 2 years ago that we would only use outside representative who are closer to our customers and better suited to building the relationships that are so important.  So many of our competitors only offer standard products. At Control Laser we are a solution driven company and this strategy is working very well for us and most importantly our customers.

Pat, thank you for your time today. For more information on how WPS and CLC can supply your laser processing requirements, please contact us.

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