Global Technology Partners in Focus: Appltek Technologies.

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Continuing with our Global Technology Partners in Focus series, I am pleased to introduce Applitek Technologies Inc.   Applitek supply crimping solutions for strip form terminals mounted to reels.  At WPS we believe in longevity in business relationships.  There are no short cuts in establishing long trusted relationships.  Our partner associations span over three decades in some cases.  Applitek has been a trusted partner of WPS for over 15 years.  Our connection to the owners of Applitek go back further than that.  I am pleased to present the founding President of Applitek Tecnologies, Bruce Getchell.

WPS: Thank you for spending some time with us today Bruce.  To get started, how long has it been since you founded Applitek Technologies?

BG: Applitek was founded 27 years ago

WPS: Describe the business conditions when you started Applitek?

BG:  Every terminal company had their own format for applicators and presses.  We saw a need to offer a standardized format so companies could use common presses.  As an independent manufacturer we would tool our applicators for any brand of terminals.

WPS: Can you compare the business conditions back then with what we see today?

BG:  Companies back when we started had very limited choices when purchasing applicators.  Today they have numerous choices’ due to the accepted mini die format.


WPS: Do you have customers who have been with you for a long time?

BG:  We still have customers with us from the start of the company.

WPS: Do they value your longevity in this business?

BG:  I believe they do.  Many long term relationships and friends have developed from the start of Applitek.  Having been involved in the terminal manufacturing business 15 years prior to the start of Applitek many of those relationships have continued with us.  Some of our customers I have known for over 35 years.

WPS: As a third party applicator supplier, do you meet the OEM specifications for crimp tool design and crimp height specs?

BG:  Yes we do.

WPS: Can you supply a complete solution including crimping presses?

BG:  Applitek supplies a number of presses in tonnage capacity and price range to complement our applicator supply.  This also includes stripper-crimper modules.


On behalf of WireProcess Specialties and our customers, thank you for your long term service to the Wire Processing industry. For your vision and pioneering spirit when applicator supply was considerably different from what it is today. We value our business partnership and look forward to many years of service to our valued customers.

BG: We would like to offer our Thanks and appreciation to all our customer that have made our Company successful over the years. Please visit our website to see more.

WPS is proud to be associated with companies like Applitek, true partners in helping our customers improve their production efficiency and reduce their processing costs. Connect Your Way to WPS to start see how we can support your organization.

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