Global Technology Partners in Focus: ETCO Inc.



ETCO Incorporated has been a Global Technology Partner with WPS for almost four decades. Both companies share something in common, they are both multi generation companies, ETCO in its third and WPS in its second. We have had a long and successful relationship between businesses but it also extends to personal connections built up over the years.  It is only right that we begin our interview series with the relationship that started it all.

I am pleased to introduce John Stiness. John is the Vice President of Sales for ETCO. WPS has asked John to provide an overview of ETCO to our readership.

Terry Curtis and John Stiness (ETCO). Primo XLT with ETCO Closed Back Flag.

Terry Curtis (WPS) and John Stiness (ETCO). 

WPS: John, tell us a little about yourself and your years of service to ETCO.

JS: I started with ETCO 28 years ago as their Inside Sales Manager for the Engineered Products division in Warwick, RI.  In 1994 I was named Vice President of Sales.  Eight years ago I moved to Bradenton, Florida and took over responsibility for all ETCO sales. I been married for 32 years and recently became a grandfather for the first time.

WPS: Describe the scope of products that ETCO supplies.

JS: ETCO provides a wide variety of stamped metal and rubber products typically used in crimping and connecting to wires. These products are often valued added in manufacturing process with insulators, clips, laser welds and other cost saving features.  ETCO also produces and services wire termination equipment.


WPS: ETCO has multiple campuses to serve its international customers. Can you describe these locations.

JS: ETCO has an international presence with distributors in the UK, Poland, Russia, China and Mexico. This reduces our lead times and lowers transportation costs for our customers.

WPS: Can you outline a specialty of ETCO that defines ETCO

JS: If I had to narrow down the one specific area of specialization that ETCO offers, it would be the in-house capability to produce custom metal stampings and then integrated these seamlessly with our customers manufacturing process by providing unique application equipment.


WPS: Do you think this helps ETCO In other areas of service to its customers.

JS: This comprehensive, one stop approach allows our customers streamlining of design, manufacturing and automation.

WPS: Today’s business environment requires stringent quality systems to assure customers receive the right part and on time. Can you describe the ETCO culture of quality?

JS: ETCO’s quality is driven by the commitment of the owner to the four absolutes of Quality: Conformance to requirements, prevention, zero defects and measurements.

 WPS: You have been part of the ETCO team for 28 years. That is a significant amount of time with this organization. Is this level of tenure with ETCO unique or is it also part of the company culture?

JS: My long tenure is nothing unique for ETCO. It’s a great place to work

WPS: Customer support from the factory side is very important to ensuring good flow of product and two way communication. ETCO has a group of experienced sales representatives supplying local support to its customers. John tell us how a local connection to the ETCO customer base is important to the overall company goal of serving its customers.

JS: Our manufacturers Reps have an intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs and expectations. ETCO leverages this experience to provide our customers with cradle to grave support.

WPS: Finally, companies who stand still tend to get trampled by those running past them. How is ETCO looking towards the future in product development and research?

JS: ETCO has a dedicated team in Research and Development looking into new products and processes. With innovations in design and manufacturing our customers are assured of having the cutting edge technology and cost saving improvements.


John, WPS greatly values the relationship we have built up for close to four decades. We are grateful to be part of the ETCO team in serving our customers. Thank you for your time today.

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